Prof. Véronique Magnier

Véronique Magnier holds a PhD in Law and Sciences Po Paris. She is Professor of Law at the Law School of Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay University where she is responsible for the Master’s degree in Business, Tax & Financial Market Law and for the Grande Ecole du Droit, and founded the legal clinic of Paris-Saclay. She joined Georgetown University as an Adjunct Professor, where she has taught Comparative Corporate Governance to LLM and JD students every year since 2010.  Veronique Magnier is the Director of the Institute ‘Law, Ethics & Patrimony’ at Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay University. She is the author or co-author of seminal books and articles in the areas of Corporate Law and Corporate Governance, Business and Ethics, European and Comparative Law, and Constitutional Civil Procedure. She is the co-author, with Professor Michel Germain, of the treaty ‘Sociétés Commerciales, Traité de Droit commercial par Ripert et Roblot’ published by LGDJ. Her most recent publications include a monography entitled Comparative Corporate Governance: A Legal Perspective, edited by Edward Elgar publishing in 2017 (  She is the Scientific Director of The Dalloz Encyclopaedia for Corporate Law since 2003.  Véronique Magnier is on the board of Transparency International France and an active member of various national, European or international associations or institutes (Trans Europe Experts, Société de Legislation comparée, European Corporate Governance Institute, and others).